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Sardinia's Wine

Wine has been made in Sardinia (Sardegna) since ancient times and it is thought that the Phoenicians first introduced wine to the island.


Vermentino dominates Sardinia's whites in terms of volume and fame, and is the main grape in Gallura. Vermentino di Gallura is the island's only DOCG-classified wine, the grape concentrated by heat and drying winds; varieties range from light and fresh through to golden, deeper and more complex, and there is also a frizzante lightly-sparkling version.


Monica and Cannonau are the most well-known grape varieties, used to produce wines ranging from everyday to extremely high quality. Some are fairly heavy and full-bodied, a good combination with the traditional fairly heavy Sardinian food. Cannonau in particular is believed to be a contributory factor to the very long average lifespan in some of the mountain villages, and research into this phenomenon continues.

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Our Wine List

White Wine


From central region of Italy. Light crispy dry citrus fruits and minerals on the finish.
Glass 175ml £5.95, Glass 250ml £6.95


Good depth of fruit on the palate, nicely balanced by a zingy acidity that enhances its long length.

Dry and medium bodied, it has a citrusy, zesty acidity and a clean, crisp finish.

Colour straw-yellow clear with pale green shadings, dry light bouquet, delicate notes of apple and flowers, smooth, soft and harmonic.

Straw yellow with greenish reflections with aromatic bouquet reminding of elderflower. The palate is dry, fresh, velvety and elegant.

Light straw with green tinges. Intense and complex bouquet, a light structure, fruity and mellow and soft.

100% cortese grape, dry fresh and persuasive taste. Soft, delicate and persistent bouquet and aroma of almonds bloom, full of character.

Red Wine


From south of Italy. Flavours of Morello cherries, mocha and spices.
Glass 175ml £5.95, Glass 250ml £6.95


Ruby-red colour with a deeply fruited bouquet of cherries and fresh red fruit entwined with spicy, peppery notes.

Intense ruby red with an undertone typical of Monica Vinous, intense characteristic round, final aftertaste almost tending to sweetness.

Bright ruby colour with purple hues. The aromas project ripe red berry, including strawberry and raspberry jam.

Its bouquet is broad and persistent, fine and elegant, with hints of ripe cherries and plums against a background of vanilla and violets.

With aromas of black cherry, dried black is a striking preface to its full-bodied flavour.

The flavour offered up by Cannonau Vignaruia displays excellent structure with full body and the fragrance can be reminiscent of fresh flowers or berries.

A nobles version of veneto valpolicella superb grape with drying process to give a full body with aromas soft wine slow maturation in oak barrels, same method of the classic amarone wine.

Rose & Sparkling Wine

Crisp, clean summer fruit flavours on the palate and a style that sits slightly on the sweeter side of off-dry.


Sparkling with aromas of wildflowers are balanced on the palate by notes of pear and a refreshingly crisp acidity.